If you knew II

Der folgende Beitrag ist eine Antwort von Nelin Baykaldi zu einem Gedicht von AWVH.

The following submission is Nelin Baykaldis answer to a poem written by AWVH called: If you knew.

Copyrights: Nelin Baykaldı

If you knew von AWVH

If you knew how badly I felt

when you told me your truth

For me – just a lie.

If you knew how far I traveled

To get away that hole I was in

- you would see.

All of my friends where there

told me being in the present -

them was told not to see the past.

If you knew how I felt

When you told me my lies -

For me they all were true.

If you knew how far I traveled

With you in my little town.

All together miles around.

In my head - those memories I like.

What do you see? Can you still see this in me -

You once did?

If we knew how memories can work…

If you knew I.