If you keep silent by Dalesia Cozorici

By Anna Wimmer

The following contribution is a submission by Dalesia Cozorici. It is a short film with the title: If you keep silent. Dalesia Cozorici manages to create a film that is carried by lightness. The submission followed the first competition of Moving Drafts and a poem by AWVH

I answer with a poem written in german language.


Anina - New Town district. A cloud of blockless windows with cavity walls. How do you see the world inside the chambers filled with dust and debris, where only the animals still get sheltered? A reflexive look at the ghosts of living in an abandoned neighbourhood.

Is an insight into a city that we suspected to be dead, depopulated, far in the mountains, and slightly exotic.


"Our short film gives voice to the passages of the past, shapes and lights, trapped in abandoned cement blocks. Overlapping voices and noises on images filmed by a Krasnogorsk 3 camera, on 16mm, dig up the life that was once lived there.

Children playing in front of the block, kitchen sounds, plates gathered after a family meal, the sound of the refrigerator plugged in, all resonate in apartments without walls, wallpaper, doorknobs or windows.

The text is another form moulded on the feelings that tempt us when we step into a neighbourhood of forgotten blocks, when we hold our breath when we disconnect. A question that does not know how to be formulated. What a rhetorical disposition. Our past has holes in the walls, sand on the ground, broken connections. Maybe there's something else, but there's too much noise.

A different kind of noise.

A sound of absence and white dust.

But after all, how hard it is to be silent when traveling between two dimensions?"

when you see the cloud


Heute war alles verschwommen

die Augen waren schwach

Eine warme Traurigkeit

ummantelt den Spaziergang der Drachenflieger

die Ruhe wird stiller am Dorfberg

in der Stadt bleibt sie fremd

die Distanz nimmt langsam Stellung ein

Eine aufwärmende Gemeinsamkeit?

Dalesia Cozorici

Dalesia Cozorici graduated from high school recently. Now she is working on several film projects, such as magazines about cinema or artistic curatorial activities in Romania. She is currently a production assistant for several Romanian short films and a co-writer of an illustrated documentary book. Her short films or visual exercises were created in the field of visual workshops in the country. Her first short film was in The Golden Bull Film Festival, Soda (Social Distancing Art Festival), Humanitarian Film Day and First-Time Filmmaker Sessions selection and some national competitions. She is currently working on her first elaborate film script.

Some of her great projects she was doing:

2018- today: Screenwriter for the comic book Din subteran la suprafață (Association: Bloc Zero, One World Romania La Școală)

18 May 2020: Exhibitor at the SODA festival (showcased by Arrival Room) - Social Distancing Art Festival

25. July - 28. July 2019 Participant in the selection of the Film Festival: Filmul de Piatra (Romania)

14 October 2018-2019:

Editor- Film Magazine: One World Romania La Școală

Dalesia Cozorici

București, România

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