Vinzenz Fengler was born in 1969 in Hoyerswerda, East-Germany, and lives since 2001 in Berlin. Since the beginning of the 90s he is a self learnt photographer and writes lyric, prose and theater plays. He is the initiator and co-editor of the literature magazine "Segeblatt". The main focus of his work is analog b/w photography. He often uses blurred effects and multiple exposures. Since the turn of the millennium he has directed his attention to installation, performance and artist´s books as well as art interventions in the public space. What plays an important role in his work is the use of language/word and visual art, which influence and at the same time compliment each other. 

Vinzenz Fengler: Poesie & Kunst;

is a 21 year-old literature student living in Istanbul Turkey. Through photography she is trying to do a visual research on her surroundings and her mind. She submitted a fotography to Open Call 01.


She graduated from high school recently. Now she is working on several film projects, such as magazines about cinema or artistic curatorial activities in Romania. She is currently a production assistant for several Romanian short films and a co-writer of an illustrated documentary book. Her short films or visual exercises were created in the field of visual workshops in the country. Her first short film was in The Golden Bull Film Festival, Soda (Social Distancing Art Festival), Humanitarian Film Day and First-Time Filmmaker Sessions selection and some national competitions. She is currently working on her first elaborate film script.



Nelin Baykaldı                               

Dalesia Cozorici                                                                                                          

Vinzenz Fengler


 I am Rushil Krushnakant Pachchigar and I am from India. Basically, I am a website developer but photography is my hobby, and whenever I got a chance to clicks the photos I will always get creative and amazing memories. Moving Drafts is very happy to welcome Rushil Krushnakant Pachigar on board.




Rushil Krushnakant Pachchigar 

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